Krystal Water Pools
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Is Your Pool Krystal Clear? (tm)

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Care and Service in Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy

Are you enjoying Krystal-clear water in your pool?

Or, are you spending hundreds of dollars running to and from the pool or home improvement store trying to perform your own swimming pool care and maintenance, trying to keep your pool from looking cloudy and algae-free... and continually trying “the next new thing”?

We have nothing against pool and home improvement stores, and they serve a good purpose for many things - however, they are also in business to sell you “just what you need.”

Sure, you receive a “free” water sample... and then leave having spent upwards of hundreds of dollars on lots of different chemicals as part of that “free” visit to “fix” your pool's problem - only to see the same problem re-appear a few weeks later (or never go away) - requiring another visit to the store to purchase more of the same (or different) chemicals. Chemicals that you can't pronounce and aren't really sure what they do... and chemicals that stay in your pool's water that you and your family swim in.

Our goal at Krystal Water Pools is to make your pool ours - and if it doesn't look as good as our own pool when we arrive, we aren't finished until it does.

In addition to swimming pool care and maintenance services, we can also perform equipment maintenance and upgrades - with options to convert your current equipment to the latest 'green' and energy-saving pumps, cleaners, controllers and filters.

If you let us make your pool ours, we will guarantee that we will make - and keep - your pool “Krystal” clear all year around.

Krystal Water Pools
Serving Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and San Martin

Pool Services, Pool Equipment Maintenance and Upgrades, Water Analysis

Call us and ask for Jeff, or e-mail us at:

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