Cloud-Based Pool Service and Management System

Have you ever wondered if your pool tech has stopped by to clean your swimming pool? With Krystal Water Pools, you don’t have to worry. We have invested in a professional, cloud-based service management software to make sure our pool technicians are getting the job done.

Keeping You in the Loop

With iON Pool Care, our Customer Management Software, you will receive an email at the end of every service stop. The message will contain essential information such as the chlorine, pH and PSI readings, with other tasks performed and comments to our customers by our team members. We also include pictures of your serviced swimming pool, emptied baskets and bags and equipment So, when you see technicians using their phones while servicing your pool, you will know that they are doing their job!

Efficient Management System

iON Pool Care enables web management of all our routes, weekly stops and service orders for our technicians. As an added bonus, our customers have their own customer portal with iON Pool Care where they can see everything that has been done to their pools since starting service with Krystal Water Pools, including all weekly service logs, completed and pending work orders and a complete list of all of their pool equipment. When starting service for a new customer, we complete a full site survey and upload pictures of all equipment to the customer portal, giving our customers access to information related to all of their pool equipment, such as brand, model number, serial number and install dates, if available.